Sterling silver wedding rings and 14K gold wedding bands in a full range of sizes

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The Wedding Ring Gallery

Gold or Silver Wedding Bands - in a Full Range of Sizes!

Since ancient times, couples have worn rings or bands as a
declaration of their love. These rings help to keep that tradition strong.
A wedding ring is not just a part of a marriage ceremony.

The ring is an enduring symbol of love, dedication
and devotion, and will be cherished for a lifetime.

These gorgeous rings are premium quality wedding bands.

Many of these styles are featured in the best jewelry stores nationwide.

Most of these wedding bands are made in sizes 4 - 12.

Many are available as 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7mm wide rings.

We also make rings to order, creating each wedding ring to your specifications.
And ... we offer a nice selection of designs that can be made in
any size, so extra small or large size requests are welcome!

We have an inside ring engraving machine and can personalize most rings with
names, dates, a quote etc. Small size rings don't have a lot of space so please
keep this in mind and send a request to check with us before ordering.

sterling silver wedding ring

Premium Quality Sterling Silver Wedding Rings -
These rings are the highest quality American made sterling silver wedding rings.
These silver rings are usually found only in upscale department and jewelry stores.

14k gold wedding band

14K Gold Wedding Bands -

Our 14K gold wedding rings are the highest quality available.

We feature Cibola Comfort Fit™ Brand 14K gold wedding rings - in a full range of sizes.

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A wedding ring is so much more than a jewelry object. You may "love" any ring.
But you wear a wedding ring to commemorate your love. You may wear a
3 carat diamond engagement ring; but the simple band you place next
to it is the most valued and important piece of jewelry you will ever own.

In the last thirty to forty years, it has become common practice for men to wear
a wedding band. Even if a man exchanged rings during the ceremony, most
men did not wear their wedding band unless it was a special occasion.

This has changed. While many men will choose a simple ring that is a traditional
domed or half round polished band between 3mm and 6mm wide, a good number
of couples like to wear matching styles, which can be purchased as a wedding ring set.

With the exception of a watch, a wedding band is the only piece of jewelry most men wear.

Since it is worn daily the band should be comfortable to wear. Beyond that ...

The choices depend on what you like and your budget.

We offer gorgeous sterling silver wedding rings that are quite affordable. Many are made
here at Jewelry24Seven by us; these styles can be made in any size or with a custom finish.

Our rings can be made with patterned stock in an oxidized patina or with a bright, polished finish.

It's important to keep in mind that a silver wedding ring is not "cheap". It is affordable.

Silver wedding rings can be worn for 30, 40 ... 50 years or even more.
And then be passed down to a new generation as an heirloom.

Of course, if your budget allows it and you prefer to wear a gold ring ...

We offer a nice selection in our 14k gold wedding ring galleries as well.
The rings shown are premium designs usually found in top level department and
jewelry stores. Most of these 14k gold wedding bands are available in many sizes.

Many of the silver wedding rings we make can also be custom made in 14k gold.
Pattern stock is available and our popular handmade hammered ring can be made as well.

We understand that your wedding band is a precious and special, very personal thing.
It is a reminder of the most important day in your adult life; a day when you choose to
give everything you have, to share your life with the closest friend and loved person you will
ever know. The vow and commitment made on that day are symbolized in the wedding ring.

To commemorate the special day, ask us about inside ring engraving. Most rings will
have enough room to engrave two names and a date; or maybe a favorite inspirational quote.

We encourage you to engrave your rings. This adds a personal touch that will
make them truly unique and special. We offer this service at no added cost to you!
The wedding ring must be 4mm wide at minimum for inside ring engraving.

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