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Silver Rings

Silver rings have an important place in our history. Rings are made from different types of material,
 but silver is a very popular choice for several very prominent reasons. Thanks to its status as a
Silver ring with Peridot and Amethystprecious metal, the intrinsic value alone makes it an attractive choice. The way silver jewelry adds style to your clothing as a great accent adds to the popularity of this metal as well. Today, silver rings are
among the most popular type of rings worn, thanks to their unique qualities and attractive appearance.

Rings have been worn by people for over five thousand years, by people of all cultures.
For centuries, rings were used by royalty and the ruling classes as symbols of power. Rings
held the family crest; they were used as wax seal stamps on Royal correspondence to add
authenticity. Today, rings are used as jewelry for decorations, or symbols of love and commitment.
They are still used in ceremony to illustrate power; they can be very powerful symbolic objects.

Handmade silver ring with black onyx

We just wear them because we love silver rings! It seems like our fingers were made for wearing rings;
they just feel like they belong on our hands. We always wear at least one silver ring, but we usually wear two, three or more at a time, and we find that many of our friends and customers do the same.

What Makes Silver Rings Special?

While the known history of humans wearing rings goes back to the days of Ancient Egypt,
silver rings were first widely worn in Ancient Greece, especially around Athens in roughly 1,000 BC
Greek key wedding ringafter a large deposit of silver was discovered near the city. Over the centuries, rings made
of silver remained quite popular in the area, as the metal was easy enough to manipulate
into a ring, and also valuable enough to demonstrate the importance, style and status of the owner.

Silver became quite common for rings during medieval times and was often used to symbolize
royalty, or even status among commoners. A good example are merchants and business owners,
who may have been able to own their silver rings. As silver became more available - and affordable -
the market for silver rings grew and as more people could acquire them, these rings
were often passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms.

Today, silver rings have become a staple of jewelry for men and women. They are used to
denote marriage, engagement, accomplishment and status as well as being simply decorative.
There are many different styles of rings, but they all are noteworthy thanks to the value of
silver and the countless variations in appearance, design, materials, and importance.

The Different Types of Silver Rings

Artisan silver ringThere are rings for men and women that may or may not include gemstones. There are wedding rings, engagement rings and rings that help you show off your sense of personal style.

Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings: While gold is very popular as a wedding ring, silver is notsilver wedding rings
that far behind. Silver wedding rings are not only popular they are certainly quite beautiful and striking either as a traditional band or set with sparkling white sapphire or rich colored gemstones.

Unlike gold which can overwhelm gemstones, silver compliments them perfectly.

Accomplishment: Silver is the choice for most rings that celebrate accomplishment. These rings can be
inscribed for a particular date, feat or status that has been achieved as well as being augmented
with a design or particular stone. This type of ring can be individualized to taste, but first and foremost
it remains a symbol of what you have achieved. It could be military service, a high school or
college graduation, winning a championship with a sports team or ten years of sobriety.

Decorative: There are many types of silver rings that are simply decorative - that do not hold any
special meaning or symbol. They simply look good on your fingers. You can order an all silver design,
or a gemstone ring with a choice of many gems that can be added to your custom set ring.

In any case, the wide variety of silver rings available makes them a perfect choiceunusual size stones can be set!
when you want to add to your jewelry collection with something substantial.

Overall, silver rings denote style, class, and accomplishment all without saying a word.
Silver makes the perfect choice for wedding and engagement rings, and decorative ones as well.
For the discriminating shopper, silver rings are the perfect choice for virtually any occasion.

wedding bandSterling rings can be a special reminder. People give and wear sterling rings to celebrate occasions
like anniversaries; they wear wedding rings as symbols of love and devotion; or to show achievement
as with class rings. Mostly we wear rings because they look great.spin rings

We all have our favorites - spin rings are great for people who like to play.

Celtic rings and Bali rings are classic looking styles. Maybe you collect marcasite rings ... we have a
skull ringgreat selection to choose from. You'll find custom made birthstone rings and gemstone rings. We have a nice variety of wedding rings. We even have hard to find styles like biker rings, skull rings, armor rings
and pentagram rings. Whatever style or type of silver ring you're looking for, you just may find it here!

Sterling rings are a great gift for a birthday, or just about any occasion. A silver ring can last a lifetime -
very few gifts will last that long. Treat a special friend - or yourself - to a beautiful silver ring today!

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