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Sterling Silver Charms and Pendants

We offer a nice selection of popular sterling silver charms and pendants. Generally speaking, a pendant is large enough to be worn alone on a chain as a necklace; charms are small pendants, usually worn as part of a group sorted by a theme. Charm bracelets are the most popular way to display a large charm collection.

It seems that you can find silver pendants everywhere. They are a wonderful jewelry item, very fashionable, and suitable to wear for almost any occasion. Often the pendant makes a statement that draws attention to the earring or necklace from which it dangles. The complementary nature of the pendant adds value and beauty to any design, as in the earrings shown on the left side. Adding the small amethyst set pendants to these earrings changed these earrings in a dramatic, bold way.

The pendant as a design element holds its popularity thanks to the many unique styles available, and the thousands of possible design uses. Silver pendants are highly popular for a number of reasons. Silver makes beautiful and striking pendants all on its own, but the ability to easily hold gemstones and beads makes a silver pendant a great choice when it is time to shop for jewelry.

greek key pendant

Silver Charms and Pendants Gallery 1

Silver Charms and Pendants Gallery 2

Celtic trinity pendant

Silver Celtic Charms and Pendants 1

Silver Celtic Charms and Pendants 2

amazing dragon pendant

Silver Dragon Pendants

gemstone set silver pendants

Handmade Silver and Gemstone Pendants

moon demon pendant

Silver Biker Pendants

Silver Pentagram and Pentacle Pendants

Silver Pentagram and Pentacle Pendants

What are Pendants?

silver pendant earrings featuring amethyst

The term “pendant” comes from both the Latin and Old French
and means “to hang down” which indicates its purpose in jewelry.

Pendants are generally found on necklaces and earrings, as shown above;
they may be stamped, engraved or etched with a design or pattern that
compliments the jewelry, like the Celtic pendant shown below;
they may be set with gems or pearls on wire dangles.

Celtic Four Winds pendant

It can be argued that the concept of the pendant goes back to
primitive times many thousands of years ago when cavemen would
find a rough rock or a shell with a hole in it and slide through a
string made of vine or grass to hang around their necks.

The first evidence in civilized times of pendants was that of
ancient Egyptian Pharaohs who would wear a scarab beetle pendant
to symbolize their power and vast wealth. A cartouche is also a type of pendant
that was very common in Egypt at the time. Pendants have been found
in all cultures in one form or another and they continue to be quite popular today.

For many, pendants are an essential part of their jewelry collection.
Silver pendants are quite popular and may be found in many different styles, sizes,
types and patterns, with many choices and possibilities for beautiful jewelry.

What are Charms?

Western boot charm

Charms are really small pendants that dangle from necklaces or bracelets.
However, they are dubbed “charms” to set them apart in terms of their description.
Charms seem like an appropriate name for the small, beautiful designs that
decorate necklaces and in particular bracelets of adults and teens alike.

Their history goes back thousands of years and can be found
in many cultures, but for the most part their popularity has grown thanks to
manufacturing techniques that allow for small objects to be made with
precision. In recent years, the types of charms that have been created have
grown exponentially thanks to new technology and the desire
to create unique shapes for charm bracelets and necklaces.

This is especially true of silver charms as they carry with them
a class all unto their own. Silver is a versatile metal that can be
easily cast or forged, and makes the perfect material to create
any number of charms. In addition, silver charms can be mixed in with charms
made from other metals or set with gems to create a unique appearance.

The Different Types of Silver Pendants

There are many different silver pendant types available; there are many thousands of different
patterns and designs. Silver is a very attractive metal to be used for making pendants and
its versatility is quite apparent. Here are some of the common types of silver pendants:

Initial Pendants: A pendant with the initial of the individual is quite popular, especially
for teens and adults who wear this hint of identity without revealing their full name.

Name Pendants: This type is very popular for those who have unique names that must be custom made
into a pendant. Name pendants are very popular with teens as they help establish their individuality.

Gemstone Pendants: Silver is particularly attractive when holding a gemstone. The bright white metal helps accentuate the beauty and color of the gemstone in ways that many other metals cannot hope to match. For birthstone or gemstone pendants, silver is the perfect type of metal for the occasion.

There are even pendants with custom etched company logos - the perfect accessory for those who work at a business. This is because they can be worn to work with virtually any apparel on a day to day basis.

The Different Types of Silver Charms

The sheer number of different designs for silver charms is unknown. This is because people around the world have different tastes when it comes to the shape and type of the charms that they desire. However, there are certainly shapes that are particularly appealing and are standards when it comes to popular choices for silver charms.

Hearts: Arguably the most popular shape for charms, hearts can be found around the world and can be reminders or love or affection. This is particularly true for the younger set that may trade or give individual charms to others that remind them of their relationship. If anything, the heart shaped silver charm is one of the most beautiful.

Stars: Another very popular shape that reminds us of the many stars in the night sky. There is a certain type of “charm” that comes with stars which makes them one of the most desired for charm bracelets.

Popular Objects: In addition to hearts and stars, there are a wealth of popular objects from musical instruments to everyday items that make up silver charms. Telephones, guitars, tennis rackets, kayaks, eagles, roses, skulls - anything. In fact, the sheer number of these objects makes creating a unique charm bracelet simplicity itself.

You can now choose from handmade silver charms or manufactured charms. Handmade or custom made charms can be ordered to make unique charm bracelets and necklaces. There is something special and unique about silver charms that radiate their beauty and compliment the necklaces and bracelets of those who wear them.

Browse through our varied selection of silver charms and pendants. Choose from classic, Celtic,
movable, dragon and other popular types of charms and silver pendants by clicking the links above.

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