Beautiful, affordable sterling earrings in fashionable and popular styles - handmade dangles with crystal, gemstones and art glass, cool studs and lots of great hoops from Bali!

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The Sterling Silver Earrings Gallery

We offer a great variety of beautiful silver earrings!

Gorgeous, affordable sterling earrings in fashionable and popular styles!
Browse through our large selection of our own handmade dangles with crystal, gemstones
and art glass, cool studs, high fashion designs from Thailand and lots of great silver hoop earrings!

These top quality silver earrings are made in Thailand, Mexico and the U.S.A, here by us!

Like all of our silver jewelry, these pretty silver earrings are guaranteed to be .925 sterling.

Click on the links to visit each category.

You'll find each section has a nice selection of attractive silver earrings!

silver filigree studs

Sterling Silver Earrings 1 -

Silver filigree, etc.


Silver Styles 2 -

Silver stud and dangle styles!

wind chime earrings

Silver Styles 3 -

More silver styles

Greek Key silver earrings

Silver Styles 4 -

Pretty silver earrings

slotted cone dangles

Silver Styles 5 -

Cool silver studs and more

hoop earrings from Bali

Bali Silver Earrings

Gorgeous silver hoop earrings!

onyx dangles

Gemstone Earrings

Silver dangles featuring gemstones

amber earrings

Amber Earrings 1

Rich golden Baltic amber in sterling silver

amber dangles

Amber Designs 2

Beautiful Southern Thai designs
in silver feature Baltic amber

marcasite earrings

Marcasite Earrings

Glittering, flashy and gorgeous,
our marcasite styles sparkle!

Featuring gems like garnet, CZs and more,
set in antique finished sterling silver.

Handcrafted sterling earrings featuring beads


Handmade Bead Earrings 1

Gorgeous hand made designer styles feature
silver silver beads, gem beads, crystal and more!

Handcrafted dangles featuring glass beads

Handcrafted Glass Bead Designs
Sterling and glass bead designer dangles

ruby 14k studs

Gemstone Stud Earrings

Virtually any gemstone set in silver or gold. We offer
styles set with faceted and cabochon gemstones.

Ruby in 14k gold are shown.

These top quality silver earrings are made in Thailand, Mexico
and the U.S.A, here by us! Like all of our silver jewelry, these
pretty silver earrings are guaranteed to be .925 sterling.

Click on the links to visit each category.

You'll find each section has a nice selection of attractive silver earrings!

Our galleries feature a huge variety of designs.

You can shop here for gemstone earrings or birthstone earrings! Find many
natural gems or a variety of synthetic and simulated jewels set in sterling.

Browse through our large variety of classic and modern
style silver earrings - we have a lot to see! You'll find
fabulous sterling dangle earrings, amber earrings, marcasite
earrings, and fabulous exotic Bali silver earrings.

Our popular sterling Celtic earrings and Pentagram earrings are gorgeous.

If you love handmade silver dangles, our beautiful bead earrings
feature gemstone beads like amethyst, turquoise, moonstone and onyx.

You'll see earrings created with Swarovski crystals,
lampwork glass beads, marcasite beads and pearls.

We make our earrings with the best
silver, gold or filled metal components.

If you're here looking for a gift - even a treat for
yourself - you'll find great gifts at Jewelry24Seven!

All silver earrings will arrive individually boxed.
Please take your time browsing -
you don't want to miss a thing!

Silver Earrings

Earrings come in many different shapes and sizes. Silver earrings have certainly earned
their great reputation over the years for their beauty, quality and style. Silver is a very popular metal
that is used in the creation of many different types of jewelry. However, silver earrings do offer
particular advantages that many earrings made with other materials do not possess.

The History of Earrings

Earrings are arguably an ancient type of jewelry, with them being mentioned in the Book of Exodus
in the Bible. Primitive civilizations have left behind earrings that date back thousands of years. Earrings
are also one of the most varied personal decorations as well with countless styles and designs available.

Jewelry makers quickly adopted silver and began creating earrings with it because it is a
very easy to work metal. It is easy to cast, and it is very malleable and ductile so it can be
rolled into a thin sheet or drawn into very fine wires. This makes it possible to offer many
thousands of different, individual styles made with this amazing metal. As a plus, silver has
strong anti - microbial properties; it can actually kill bacteria which makes it more hygienic
to use than many other metals, particularly when the ears are first pierced.

What was once only for royalty and the well-to-do is now available to everyone thanks
to new manufacturing techniques and the availability of silver. Today, sterling silver earrings
are particularly popular and new generations are discovering the beauty of what they have to offer.

The Different Types of Silver Earrings

Silver is an easy to form metal that can be used to fashion quite a number of different earring styles.
From birthstone stud earrings to hoop earrings, handmade silver earrings and manufactured designs, the
sheer number of earring designs to choose from means there is certainly a pair available that fits your style.

Dangle Earrings: Dangle earrings allow for items to “dangle” from the ear itself. This may be
one of the oldest kind of earrings found by archeologists and yet they are still just as popular today.

Hoop Earrings: Hoop earrings enjoyed a “golden” period as it were in the glamour days of the
post-World War II era. They are still quite popular today, and always will be. Many young people
love "Retro" fashions and they desire to have elegant sterling hoops dangle from their ears.

Stud Earrings: These are generally fun, simple earrings that consist of a single piece that sits against the
earlobe. Stud earrings usually feature a geometric shape such as a ball, a circle, a cross, a skull or stars.

Birthstone & Gemstone Earrings: These are earrings with either birthstones or gemstones
that are prong set, bezel set or embedded in the earring itself. They are very fashionable
and work quite well with silver - which accents the beauty of the gem that it holds beautifully.

Handmade Silver Earrings: One of the most interesting growing trends for earrings are
the handmade variety, a technique that has actually been around for thousands of years. Today,
handmade silver earrings are more than just jewelry as they are a work of art to be appreciated by all.

Silver earrings are more than a tradition, and are an important part of the jewelry collection for
millions of people. These earrings are usually beautifully crafted and will last for many years with only
minimal maintenance. For those who are looking at getting the best, silver earrings certainly have a lot to offer!

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