Silver Prayer Rings

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Silver Spin Rings Gallery

Sterling Silver Rings that SPIN!

These top quality rings are made in Thailand. Also called Worry Rings and Prayer Bands,
these silver rings have a silky - smooth inner finish and are very comfortable to wear!

They're similar to traditional Buddhist prayer rings, but these feature contemporary motifs.

These rings are decorated with skulls, Celtic knot designs and more!

Are you shopping for gifts? Sterling silver jewelry is a great gift - it has real value.

Sterling silver spin rings can be worn, admired and enjoyed for a lifetime.

silver bead design spin ring

This beautiful ring is 8mm wide
We have one size 12 ring in stock

Silver Bead Design Spin Ring

Price: $48.99

These rings are like two bands in one ...
the decorated band lies in a channel formed
by the walls of the outer band. This makes a
heavy two part sterling silver ring, and it allows
the inner, decorated band to move freely around.

Celtic knot design


This Celtic knot design spinner is 8mm wide

We have just one of each size shown in stock ...

Celtic Design Silver Spinner Ring

Price: $46.99

this band is decorated with stars and arrows

This attractive spinner band is 7mm wide

There is one size 10 available
Stars and Arrows Silver Spinning Ring

Price: $42.99

bones design spin ring

This design features raised bone shapes running
around the center band, and it is 8mm wide.

We have two - one of each size shown on the menu.

Cool Bones Silver Spin Ring


double twist silver spin ring


This spinner has a great double twist design
as the center band in an oxidized channel.

This attractive silver ring is 8mm wide.

Double Twist Silver Spin Ring


gorgeous southwestern design spin ring


This style is 7mm wide with a fabulous
southwestern design / pattern

We've got just one of these in stock ...

Southwestern Style Silver Spin Ring

Price: $38.99

waves design silver spin ring


This design is very popular! The waves look great as they spin ...

We have only one of these ... this band is 8mm wide.

Waves Design Silver Spin Ring

Price: $34.99

dice design spin ring


This dice design ring is 8mm wide!

There is one size 9 spinner available ...

Dice Design Silver Spin Ring

Price: $38.99

celtic square knots silver spin ring


A 9mm wide silver ring with square
Celtic knots running around the center band

We have one of these size 7 spinners available ...
Celtic Square Knots Silver Spin Ring

Price: $36.99

silver twist design spin ring


This classic designer spinner is 9mm wide.

The top and bottom channel edges are 2mm wide each
providing a nice size border for the center spinning band.

Classic Silver Spin Ring


twist design silver spin ring


This twist design spinner is similar to the ring above, but ...

This silver ring is 8mm wide, a bit more narrow - and the top
and bottom rims - the borders - are half the size at 1mm wide.
The ring is just as well made and substantial. We have just one.

Silver Twist Spin Ring


contemporary southwestern design silver spin ring


Here is a 10mm wide band with an attractive
contemporary southwestern design consisting of
an angular wavy line with triangles set into the spaces.

This awesome ring is a size 8 1/2; we have one available.
Contemporary Southwestern Spin Ring

Price: $38.99

knife edge chain design spin ring


This spin ring is a 7mm wide style with
a chain design. The middle chain links are standing
vertically out from the center of the spinning band
creating an effective but quite dull knife-edge.

Knife-Edge Spin Ring

Price: $38.99

dual linked chain design spin ring


This gorgeous ring features a dual linked chain design.
Its a classic design that will go with anything you wear!

This sterling silver spinner is a substantial 8mm wide ...

Chain Design Spin Ring

Price: $37.99

sterling silver curb chain spin ring


This beautiful ring has a diamond cut curb chain inner band.
8mm is a bit wide for a size 5.5 ring; if you wear a size 5 it should fit well.
This ring has a truly classic look anyone who likes silver jewelry will love!

Diamond Cut Curb Chain Spin Ring

Price: $31.99

dragon design silver spin ring


This amazing ring features a very detailed dragon
that completely encircles the band; the tail ends
just in front of the serpent - like dragon's open mouth.

This 8mm wide ring is a size 7 1/4; we have just one.

Dragon Design Spin Ring

Price: $41.99

classic Greek key design silver spin ring


Here is a truly classic design - a fabulous high relief
Greek Key center band that spins in a well defined
channel ring with nice thick walls, forming a substantial
8mm wide double band. We've got just one size 7 here ...

Greek Key Spin Ring

Price: $36.99

contemporary style wide silver spin ring


This contemporary spin ring has a zig-zag line running down the center
with cutouts along the edges that are set into the spaces where the line peaks.

This attractive spinner is quite wide at 10mm, so this
size 7 1/2 ring should fit you comfortably if you usually wear a size 7.

This is a thick and very substantial sterling silver ring!

Contemporary Spin Ring

Price: $45.99

cross design silver spin ring


This spinner has crosses running along the center band.
They don't meet perfectly at the back, but these rings are
very rarely perfect because they're handmade and they
aren't made to match the channel ring - they "sort of" match.

The crosses are set into recesses that are oxidized, or darkened
to make the pattern stand out and give it prominence. This ring is a
size 11 and it is 7mm wide. We have only one of each size shown.

Cross Design Spin Ring

Price: $39.99

dragon scales silver spin ring


This cool spinner has a domed band in the center
covered with scales. OK, there is no way to tell if they're
supposed to be dragon scales, but they don't look like
they're modeled after fish, and reptile scales don't overlap.

At any rate ... the ring is 7mm wide, and is a size 7 3/4 ...
We have only one of these fantastic silver rings available.

Dragon Scales Spin Ring

Price: $37.99

pyramid studs silver spin ring


This spin ring has pyramid shaped studs on it similar
to the ones on leather bracelets, belts, jackets etc.

A classic design, this ring looks great when you're wearing black ...

We have two of these 8mm wide beauties  - one of each size on the menu.

Silver Studs Spin Ring

Price: $37.99

skulls silver spin ring


Skulls form the center band of this awesome ring!
This is a more narrow band than most at 6.5mm wide.

The skulls are fairly well detailed and go completely around.

We have just one of each size shown on the menu below ...

Silver Skulls Spin Ring

Price: $38.99

jumping dolphins design spin ring


Dolphins jump - or swim - around the center of this silver ring!

This is a 9mm wide band with a 4mm wide center band. The
ring is nice and thick, made to be worn everyday - for many years.

We've got two here - one size 7, one size 9.
Dolphin Design Spin Ring

Price: $37.99

Barbed Wire Silver Spin Ring


A barbed wire pattern decorates the inner band of this ring!

This silver band is 8mm wide. We have only one of these; an 8 1/2.

Barbed Wire Spin Ring

Price: $37.99

anchor link spin ring


This spinner features an anchor link design. This is one
of the most popular chain styles, and anyone who loves
nautical themed jewelry will probably like this ring!

This is an 8mm wide ring. Its a size 8, and we have one in stock.

Anchor Chain Spin Ring

Price: $36.99

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