Sterling silver jewelry by the inch - anklets, bracelets, chokers - extra small and plus sized custom made sterling silver rope bracelets and chains are assembled individually - to fit YOU in any length

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Silver Rope Chains Gallery

Custom Made Silver Rope Bracelets and Rope Chains

These silver rope chains are sold by the inch, and look great in
any length - as silver bracelets, silver rope anklets, choker or long necklace.

silver rope chains by the inch

A standard lobster clasp is included!
The length of a finished chain includes the clasp.

Add a fancy lobster claw or toggle clasp or
a dangle charm for a small additional charge

Your jewelry is assembled by a professional the right way.

All connections are soldered for security.

1.4mm double rope chains in any size for necklaces and bracelets
Photo above is enlarged to show detail
1.4mm sterling silver double rope chains sold by the inch

1.4mm Sterling Silver Double Rope Chain

One of our most popular chains - of any type!
This rope is a thin style that is a really great pendant chain.
Nice and light, but not microscopic ... it looks good, is a
strong chain and the classic style will always be in fashion.

Need an extra small bracelet for a petite teen's wrist?
Maybe a plus sized bracelet for a big man's wrist?
Our specialty is custom made, unusual sizes.
Whatever you need - you can get it here!

1.85mm Sterling Silver Double Rope Chains - Any Length

Photo above is greatly enlarged

1.85mm Sterling Silver Double Rope Chain


Silver rope chains are a popular style. Oval silver links
are connected together to make silver rope chains,
with each link passing through the previous two links.

This gives the chain a natural twisted appearance, like a spiral.

1.2mm diamond cut silver rope chains in any size
The picture below is enlarged
Our 1.2mm diamond cut silver rope chain is sold by the inch
This diamond cut silver rope chain is a real sparkler!
Diamond cutting creates a flat surface on every link
that reflects any light striking the surface like a mirror.

Although this is a "thin" chain it is very strong
so if you're considering it as a silver rope necklace for a
small to medium sized pendant, its a good choice.

1.2mm Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Rope Chain


We offer standard sizes of rope chain here. These chains are made by
American manufacturers - in New York, New Mexico or Rhode Island.
We buy these styles in unfinished bulk lengths and make jewelry to fit YOU.

Other sizes are available. If you don't see what you want here,
please send us an email request and we'll see if we can get it for you.

3mm sterling silver rope chains in any length

The photo below is a magnified view

3mm wide sterling silver double rope chains by the inch

3mm Sterling Silver Double Rope Chain

This is a really nice rope chain! It is a standard double rope
so its links are more "loose" than one of our diamond cut ropes.
This makes the chain much more supple ... it can be put on a
table in a pile by opening the chain and lowering it end to end,
something you can't do with a diamond cut version because the
links are much more closely fit with that type of rope.

The 3mm size looks big ... but its really a light chain for its size.
The links are all soldered, so it is much stronger than a French
rope, which are made with open links and can be pulled apart.
The links in this chain are made with solid sterling silver wire.

Standard sizes of rope are made by machine.
If you want a REALLY big rope chain, send us a request.

handmade sterling silver rope bracelet

We'll custom make a rope chain or bracelet just
for you by hand - link by link from sterling silver wire!
The bracelet above was made by me (Bob).
I can make wider rope by making larger links ...

2.7mm diamond cut silver rope chains by the inch

The photograph above is a close-up view

we make 2.7mm diamond cut rope bracelets and chains any size

2.7 mm Solid Diamond Cut Rope Chain

This is a 17" length diamond cut rope chain - we make any size
An example: A 17" diamond cut rope
Picture is enlarged to show detail

Reverse Rope Chain close-up view

Photo above is enlarged

reverse rope for custom fit bracelets and chains

A fabulous, fancy chain with its own style, this is
a very strong, fashionable design that makes a
great chain for pendants or worn on its own.

1.8mm Sterling Silver Reverse Double Rope Chain

reverse rope bracelets and necklaces - any length

The pic above is enlarged ...

reverse rope chains sold by the inch

This reverse rope is thicker than the one above, and it
can support a very heavy pendant. Of course it looks
amazing worn on its own; this is an impressive chain!

2.8mm Sterling Silver Reverse Double Rope Chain


Reverse rope isn't really made in reverse, but the name
sounds good, so ... I guess that's why it's called reverse.

The links in this chain are long ovals, with a twist
in them so they fit together a bit differently. The
result is a tightly fit chain that does look different
when compared to a standard double rope, but
this is the result of the twisted links - because the
chain is made the same way as any other rope.

Chains are made with a lobster clasp.
Want a different clasp or a dangle on your chain?

We offer the following options to customize your jewelry:

chain options

Shopping for gifts?

A silver rope bracelet, anklet or necklace is a
fabulous gift that will be enjoyed and admired for years!

Due to the popularity of this personal service, we may need up
to 7 business days to make and ship your custom length jewelry.

Please order early!

We stand behind our work and the quality of our product!

If the spring in your clasp breaks or if the soldered jump rings open during normal use within
six months of the date on your printed receipt. you may ship your jewelry to us for a free repair.

We'll pay the fee to ship the repaired jewelry back to you by First Class Mail!

All lengths - standard and custom are covered by the above quality guarantee.

We cannot guarantee against tarnishing or normal wear.

Chains that are intentionally altered, pulled apart, broken, cut or abused are not covered.

Please be sure of your size.
The following sizes are returnable under our 15 day policy:

7", 8", 10", 16", 18"' , 20" and 30"

All other sizes are custom ordered items and are not returnable.
Please read the description carefully and refer to a ruler or a tape measure
to determine the actual measurements of the jewelry before you make a purchase.
These chains are cut from bulk spools and custom finished to your specifications.

Custom length chains - sizes not listed above -
are not returnable for a refund or exchange.

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