The Bali silver rings in our gallery are beautiful!

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Bali Silver Rings Gallery

Gorgeous Handcrafted Bali Silver Bands!

These sterling silver rings were handmade in Bali by traditional methods, and have a very distinctive look that is instantly recognizable. Bali silversmiths are among the best in the world and these pieces are highly collectible.

Designs range from simple to ornate, and are a compliment to any style dress from casual to business.

This Bali silver ring has been sold. It is shown as an example.Like all Bali silver jewelry items, these rings are handmade, so even if they are the same style, no two are alike - and they are very rarely perfect in appearance. Almost all have a visible seam.

These bands are nice and thick - they're quite substantial. These rings CAN be made smaller; but not larger. They can be engraved inside; if you want a personalized ring, please send an inquiry.

Many people wear these rings as alternative wedding rings - because they're beautiful, extremely well made and very affordable. These rings are top quality pieces of handmade sterling silver jewelry that may be worn for a lifetime, and they can even be handed down to family as heirloom rings.

These rings are available in the limited quantities shown below.

Bali silver ring - double row twist band

This Bali silver ring is a double row twist around a twist design.

If it sounds complicated, well ... it is. It is also quite beautiful, and very nicely made.

The ring is 8mm wide, and it has an antiqued finish.

This isn't a flimsy ring, it is quite solid and has a smooth interior.

This sterling silver ring has no sizing bar at the back; the pattern
is fairly well matched up - but it does have a visible seam.

Bali Silver Double Twist Ring

Price $34.99

Bali silver ring with rope chain center

This ring has a center row reminiscent of a rope chain. Knowing how jewelry is made,
I believe it was a silver rope, drawn through an oval hole in a drawplate, compressing it
into a flattened oval. It is flanked on either side with a twisted wire border. This ring is
8mm wide. There is a seam which is pretty well hidden - you need to look closely to find it.

Rope Chain Center Bali Silver Ring

Price $35.99

Wide Double Braid Bali Silver Ring

Like most of these Bali silver rings, this one has very traditional styling.
In this instance, the wire braid design is used twice, divided by a twisted
wire then bordered with the same twist wire. This ring, like most of the others is
pretty simple in design but actually making a ring like this requires real skill -
and talent. The result is an old fashioned silver ring that looks like a vintage
piece because its made just like those vintage rings were. If you
like this type of silver jewelry, you'll fall in love with this ring!

The seam is very well matched on this ring; its 10.5mm wide.

Double Braid Design Bali Silver Ring

Price $32.99

braid with twist border band

This braid style silver ring is simply gorgeous.
The braid was made with three wires side by side

to get a nice wide triple braid that runs down the center.

The borders were made with two wires, carefully twisted then drawn
through a drawplate to straighten it. The ring itself is a simple band with

a channel down the middle; the braid and twist wires were soldered down into it.

It was very likely made as a flat strip that was then formed into a ring and
cut to size, then soldered closed. There is a visible seam but the smith matched
the braid ends so they meet nicely where they join, and you need to really
look at the ring to spot it. This is an 8mm wide Bali silver ring.

Triple Wire Braid Bali Silver Ring

Price $29.99

Bali silver ring with twist borders

This style has a foxtail center bordered by nice large wire twists.
They've been flattened somewhat so the ring has a nice even surface.

The foxtail center is a motif that is repeatedly used in Bali silver jewelry.

We've had cuff bracelets, earrings and barrettes from Bali featuring very
similar design elements; this is a very traditional 8mm wide Bali silver ring.

Twist Borders Bali Silver Ring

Price $28.99

quadruple twist Bali silver ring

Here's the twist wire style taken a bit further to create a fantastic silver band.
Four rows of twisted wire separated in the center make this a truly special design!

This ring has a beautiful aged appearance; it has an antiqued patina that darkens
the recesses, making the softly polished highlights glow with that silver goodness.

This quadruple twist Bali silver ring is between 9mm and 10mm wide.

Quadruple Twist Bali Silver Ring

Price $34.99

classic Bali silver braid band with double twist borders

This Bali silver band combines the traditional braid and twist elements.

The triple braid running down the middle of this ring is flanked by a classic
double wire twist. This design gives the ring a wide, rich appearance. The
finish is silky smooth, and the rounded edges make putting this ring on easy.

This gorgeous Bali silver braid design band is a comfortable 8.5mm wide.

Double Twist Border Braided Bali Silver Ring

Price $27.99

twin center wire twist with double twist border ring

This style combines the two major twist designs into one beautiful ring!

The center features three wire twists side by side - with the classic
double twist wire design on the borders. It has an antiqued patina.

The seam isn't very pronounced but of course is visible if you look for it.
We currently have two rings - sizes 7 and 9. If you're looking for a
set of nice matching alternative wedding bands ... these are perfect!

Triple Twist with Double Twist Wire Border Bali Silver Ring

Price $28.99

twist border with center rope Bali silver ring

Large twist wire borders frame a flattened rope chain center in this band.

This ring is a nice example of the way Bali craftsmen vary their designs
while keeping their work within self set boundaries. Its easy to see that
this style is made by the same group of art jewelers, but it does have an
individual appearance - this silver band has very unique attributes the other
rings on this page don't have. That's a very good thing! The quality is the
same caliber so the ring is nice and sturdy - not paper thin like some rings.

Center Rope with Twist Borders Bali Silver Ring

Price $26.99

center wire braid Bali silver ring

A simple wire braid flows through the center of this attractive silver band.
Bordered with twin wire twist design elements, this Bali silver ring is sure
to please anyone who loves classic jewelry design. A great sterling band
for everyday wear, it will accent any fashion style from casual to dress.

Wire Braid with Twin Twist Border Bali Silver Ring

Price $28.99

wave and crescent 2 tier ring

This style is like wearing stacked bands ... but its just ONE ring!

The top portion of this ring is a classic Bali silver design, appearing
in many different types of classic jewelry made by Balinese smiths.

The wave design is gorgeous and it really does compliment the top half.

This is a very unusual and attractive Bali silver ring with lots of style!

Stack Design Bali Silver Ring

Price $29.99

crescent pattern with foxtail borders ring

This Bali silver ring features the repeating crescent pattern down the center,
bordered with the classic foxtail design motif. The pattern is fairly well matched
so the seam doesn't just jump right out ... you'll have to look for it. It has the beautiful
antiqued patina these rings are known for. This particular band is 9mm wide.

Crescents with Foxtail Borders Bali Silver Ring

Price $31.99

polished domed center with foxtail borders band

This band has a domed, polished center bordered with the foxtail
pattern seen in many Bali silver jewelry items. The nice thing here
is the attention to detail; the patterns run in opposite directions!

The seam is visible, but not prominent. The ring is 9.5mm wide.
Domed Center with Foxtail Borders Bali Silver Ring

Price $28.99

Bali rope center and double twist borders ring

Here's another classic band featuring the rope chain center.
This one is bordered with a double wire twist on each side.

The ring has a nice smooth finish and feels very comfortable
on the finger. This amazing ring is 9mm wide and is a size 7.

Rope Chain Center with Double Twist Borders Bali Silver Ring

Price $28.99

Bali double wire braid ring with twist borders
This braid design was made with two wires side by side, then bordered
with a single wire twist on each side. It has the traditional antiqued patina.

This Bali silver band is 8mm wide. The seam is of course slightly visible ...
Double Wire Braid with Twist Borders Bali Silver Ring

Price $29.99

large center twist with twin twist borders band

Two larger size wires were twisted then flattened to make the center of this ring.

The center twist is accompanied by twin rows of twist wire forming the borders ...

This Bali silver ring has an antiqued finish and it is 8mm wide with a visible seam.

Large Wire Twist Center with Twin Twist Borders Bali Silver Ring

Price $28.99

center wire twist band

This design features a center made with two wires twisted together then flattened.
On either side are borders consisting of smaller wires twisted to form complimentary
accents. This Bali silver ring is 8mm wide with a nicely matched but visible seam.

Bali Silver Wire Twist Ring

Price $27.99

Balinese center rope twist band

Here's a Bali silver ring that's so awesome it will go on a lucky person's finger
and never be taken off! The rope center is perfectly accented with a single twist
top and bottom. The antiqued patina helps to accent the highlights; its 7.5mm wide.

Center Rope Twist Bali Silver Ring

Price $28.99

cool center twist Bali Silver ring

A nice wide center twist was formed by intertwining two wires, then flattening them.
The center twist is accented and framed by small twist wire serving as borders.

This beautiful ring has an antiqued patina and well matched seams. It is 7mm wide.
Cool Center Twist Bali Silver Ring

Price $28.99

center twist Bali silver ring with triple microtwist border

This band is a classic design. The Bali microtwist wire border has been expanded to three rows
top and bottom; nestled between is a rope twist consisting of two wires flattened for a central focal point.

This is a 9mm wide band - and the seam is very well matched.

Center Twist Bali Silver Ring with Triple Microtwist Border

Price $28.99

center crescent pattern with twin microtwist border Bali silver ring

This Bali silver band features two traditional design elements; the repeated crescent
pattern in the middle and microtwist wire borders. This 9mm wide ring has a visible seam.

Center Crescent Pattern with Twin Microtwist Border Bali Silver Ring

Price $28.99

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