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Sterling Silver Rings Gallery 1

Classic and Popular Silver Ring Designs

People who wear silver rings get very attached to them. Sterling silver rings are often a very personal choice, and while most people have their favorites, many enjoy wearing an entire collection, with a ring on every finger and sometimes more than one! The rings on this page are all silver (no gemstones) and feature classic styling!

contemporary sterling silver ring

This ring has a very modern appearance and a smooth finish.

The styling is a bit different, so even though it really is a simple band,
you won't see another like it every day. It is a nice thick ring, and its 4mm wide.

Contemporary Silver Band

Price $23.99


buckle style silver ring

This ring has an contemporary buckle design.
The inside is silky smooth and its 10mm wide.

Pretty Contemporary Style Ring

Price $25.99

gorgeous flowers silver ring

This band has a pretty floral design deeply etched
and oxidized to give it prominence.  Its an 8mm wide ring
and the design is so traditional it will always be in style.

Engraved Floral Design Ring

Price $39.99

interlocking design silver ring

This ring is 12mm wide. The ring has an interlocking design
and it is a nice, thick ring with a very smooth feel and finish.

Contemporary Interlock Design Ring

Price $35.99

contemporary ribbed dome ring

This outstanding dome ring is 12mm wide. The ribbed design is beautiful!

Modern Ribbed Dome Ring

Price $37.99

opulent design sterling silver ring
This ring is just fabulous! It has domed segments down the center row
with twist rope borders. The ring is 10mm wide and it has a beautiful finish.

Opulent Silver Dome Ring

Price $38.99

attractive contemporary style silver ring
This modern design sterling silver ring is 7mm wide.
A nice ring with a low profile, this style is good for men and women.

Fashionable Style Silver Ring

Price $23.99

sweeping curves domed silver ring
This design features beautiful raised curves in a domed design!
This contemporary ring is 8mm wide and it has a nice high dome.

Contemporary Sweeping Curves Silver Ring

Price $33.99

Ribbed design silver ring
This pretty ring is 8mm wide. The raised rib design is very attractive!

Raised Rib Design Silver Ring

Price $23.99

Rope loops silver ring
This gorgeous silver ring has twisted rope loops on each side
Its a fairly substantial ring with a very solid feel - it is very well made!

Pretty Silver Twist Design Ring

Price $42.99

Mexican design sterling silver ring
This etched design ring is fabulous!
The Mexican inspired design is classic and beautiful ...

Cool Mexican Design Silver Ring

Price $29.99

spider on web silver ring
This is an awesome silver ring! If you love jewelry that
is a bit "dark" this one could be your favorite.

The entire front of the ring is a web, with a
nicely detailed spider in the center ...

Cool Spider on Web Silver Ring

Price $29.99

silver ring with teddy bears and UFOs ...
Teddy bears from space? This certainly is an unusual combination!
The ring is VERY well made ... the designs are raised in high relief
on an oxidized background, so they really stand out. The ring is very
comfortable on the finger, with a silky smooth finish and is 9mm wide.

Silver Teddy Bears and UFOs Ring

Price $37.99

sterling silver floral design band
A deeply etched floral design decorates this top quality silver ring!
Flowers and leafy branches encircle this beautiful sterling band.
This ring has nicely rounded edges and a highly polished interior,
which makes it very easy to put on, wear all day then take off. At 7mm
the ring isn't a narrow band, but similar in width to many wedding rings.

Attractive Silver Floral Design Band

Price $37.99

bold segmented silver band
Raised silver lines segment this attractive
band into triangle and polygon shapes.

The background is darkened making the silver
lines on this 7mm wide ring very noticeable.

Bold Silver Antique Finish Band

Price $26.99

sterling silver abstract wavy ring
This narrow band has lots of style and character!
The etched design features arrows and other shapes - but the
defining feature is the shape - it takes a dip in the center

giving it a really unusual appearance. Great stacked
with a gemstone ring - or on its own!

Abstract Silver Wavy Band

Price $23.99

pretty ribbed silver ring
This ring is gorgeous ... it looks so much
better on the finger than in the photo!

The ribbed design is just fabulous ...
its a 12mm wide thing of beauty!

Pretty Ribbed Silver Ring

Price $28.99

Cool Oxidized Silver Band
This 6mm wide band style ring has a really
nice etched design that goes entirely around

the ring. Its really a pretty abstract design, with
no special meaning - it just looks good!

The design is oxidized, which gives it
nice contrast and makes it jump right out.

Cool Oxidized Silver Band

Price $24.99

attractive silver twist ring
The center of this ring has a twist design,
sort of like a rope. The outer borders are

segmented, framing the center twist perfectly.
This ring is 7mm wide at the front, tapering
to a 3mm wide shank at the back
of the ring. Its a great fashion accent!

Attractive Silver Twist Ring

Price $25.99

Classic Silver Weave Ring
This ring has a classic weave design.
Its a really nice dome ring with style;

instead of just a plain dome it has the
appearance of an old style puzzle ring.

Its a nice 7mm wide sterling silver ring you'll
want to wear often, if not every day!

Classic Silver Weave Ring

Price $23.99

Oxidized Silver Shapes Ring
This is another one of those silver rings with
abstract etched shapes decorating the band.

They encircle the ring, so if it rotates a bit on your
finger, you'll never come up with a blank spot.

This one is 5mm wide, so its a nice size ... not too
narrow, but not exactly a wide ring, either.

Oxidized Silver Shapes Ring

Price $23.99

Gothic Silver Band
A stylized skull is the center of this etched
design silver ring. Surrounded by vines

forming a heart shape that frames the skull and
scroll shapes around the sides, this sterling

silver band style ring has sort of a gothic feel
to it; like victorian era mourning jewelry.

Gothic Silver Band

Price $31.99

Wavy Silver Band
This 3mm wide band is shaped like
a road with slight curves in it.

The ring takes a turn upwards, then dips
and rises again. The etched designs

that decorate the ring add interest, and the
oxidized finish draws the eye to the bright

polished shapes.This ring is perfect for stacking
with other rings with its narrow profile.

Wavy Silver Band

Price $22.99

Oxidized Silver Shapes and Symbols Ring
This 6mm wide oxidized band has peace signs,
what looks like winking wolf heads, something that looks like
a padlock and a Y shape in a teardrop border running completely
around the band. The background has an interesting texture and the
inside has a really nice, smooth finish with well rounded edges for comfort.

Oxidized Silver Shapes
and Symbols Ring

Price $28.99

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