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Silver Pentagram Rings Gallery

pentagram ring with stepped shank

Silver Rings featuring the Ancient Star

Although the history of the five pointed star or pentagram can
be traced back over 6,000 years, most of us are familiar with
this important religious symbol through Christian and Celtic art
and architecture. At the time the Celts were converted to Christianity,
it was forbidden to depict man or animals in art, because it was
seen as blasphemous - only God created these forms.

This is why animals are depicted in Celtic art as having stylized
heads and bodies that were made of knot and braid forms -
birds, fish, even non-existent animals like dragons. Realistic
drawings of creatures and people just were not acceptable.
So they used other means to represent these forms.

The pentagram was used as a way to depict man - the four outstretched limbs
and head drawn as a five pointed star was an acceptable representation.

Celtic pentagram silver ring


This Celtic Trinity pentagram ring is gorgeous!

It features a Celtic Trinity knot design on each side
The pentacle in the center is an 8mm circle

There is just one of these rings available

Celtic Trinity Pentagram Ring

Price $29.99

split shank silver pentagram ring


Split shank rings are very attractive, and this one looks amazing!

The pentacle in front is a 12mm circle. It has some depth at 1.5mm thick.
The split shank tapers down and becomes a single 2mm wide shank at the back.

Split Shank Sterling Silver Pentacle Ring

Price $29.99

form fitting silver pentagram ring


This pentagram ring has a curved, form fitting design
that fits very comfortably on a finger - the top is rounded

The pentacle - the front panel - is 15mm top to bottom

Curved Silver Pentagram Ring

Price $28.99

lattice weave silver pentagram ring


This ornate  silver pentagram ring has a lot of style going for it!

The lattice weave design is fabulous; the 8mm pentacle is surrounded
by a twist wire border accent; and the ring has an oxidized finish.

Ornate Silver Pentagram Ring

Price $38.99

classic silver pentagram ring


This is a traditional design silver pentagram ring.
Nice, simple lines with an etched pentacle on the front!
The front of this ring is 9mm top to bottom; the design is oxidized.

Classic Silver Pentagram Ring

Price $26.99

Split Shank Silver Pentagram Ring with Rope Border


An impressive design, this ring is actually very comfortable to wear.
The front of this pentagram ring is 3/4" top to bottom, so its a nice sized ring.
It has a split shank, so air gets underneath easily making it less likely to tarnish quickly.
The rope border adds a nice design element; the star extends out to the edges.

Split Shank Silver Pentagram Ring with Rope Border

Price $42.99

solid shank sterling silver pentagram ring


This solid shank silver pentagram ring is a really nice design.
As you can see in the photo, the star has good depth; and the front
of the ring is fairly thick - its not hollowed out so it has a solid feel.

Solid Shank Sterling Silver Pentagram Ring

Price $38.99

narrow solid shank silver pentagram ring


This is a nice solid design; the inside is closed in the front.
The inset star is raised to the surface and has an oxidized background.
The front of this ring is 9mm wide tapering to 3mm at the back.
Narrow Solid Shank Silver Pentagram Ring

Price $29.99

solid shank petite silver pentagram ring


Similar to the ring above, this is a solid sterling silver ring.
The star and circle are etched and oxidized to show detail.
The front is 8mm wide; it tapers to a 3mm wide shank at the back.
Solid Shank Petite Silver Pentagram Ring

Price $33.99

pentagram ring with stepped shank


This is a fantastic pentagram ring! The stepped shank adds lots of character.
The open front gives emphasis to the pentagram; the circle is 9mm wide.

Silver Pentagram Ring with Stepped Shank

Price $29.99

awesome silver pentagram ring


This ring is large and chunky, perfect for a guy.
It has a great etched design, with a pentagon containing the star.
The front is 14mm top to bottom and 14mm wide; the shank tapers to a 5.5mm band.
The front is solid with a raised star design; the background and etched accents are oxidized.

Silver Pentagram in Pentagon Ring

Price $49.99

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