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Sterling Silver Marcasite Bracelets

marcasite and onyx bracelet

Sparkling Marcasite and Silver Gemstone Bracelets

Beautiful Marcasite Jewelry

Marcasite became popular as an affordable way to add
major amounts of sparkle to jewelry at a low cost. At that time
the main  substitute for diamonds was glass; better quality
simulants like cubic zirconia had not been synthesized yet.
The demand for affordable jewelry was growing because
the average person was earning more - but they certainly
were not rich enough to buy diamond jewelry.

Set into oxidized silver (usually with epoxy cement), these small
flat backed stones almost look like rose cut black diamonds.

They give the jewelry they're used in a glittering look that
brings antique jewelry to mind, marcasite looks really nice
paired with opaque stones like black onyx, carnelian and
green agate; or with faceted gemstones of many colors.

marcasite bracelet with purple CZ in sterling silver
marcasite bracelet 01

This articulated link bracelet is 3 /8" wide

This bracelet is a 6 3/4" length, so it will fit a smaller wrist
(the average woman wears a 7" to 7 1/4" length)

It closes with a secure pressure lock fold over clasp

This bracelet features sparkling 8 x 6 mm bezel set
purple or violet (Amethyst colored) CZ "gems"

We have only one available

Silver, Violet CZ and Marcasite Bracelet

Price $159.99

marcasite, black onyx and sterling silver bracelet
marcasite bracelet 02

This pretty bracelet features 15x8mm marcasite set
spiral tubes and 6x3mm marcasite rondelles

The closure is a round marcasite toggle clasp
featuring marcasite in the circle and the toggle bar

Gorgeous 8 mm round genuine Black Onyx beads

Just under 9" Length - it fits the wrist like an 8" bracelet

The length can be adjusted. Please send us an email!

We have one of these bracelets available ...

Silver, Marcasite and Onyx Bead Bracelet

Price $119.99

Marcasite is in truth the wrong term to describe the mineral in this jewelry.

These tiny stones are actually pyrite. Marcasite and pyrite are both
iron sulfide; but the two minerals have a different crystal growth pattern.

Marcasite is a light, brittle stone, while pyrite is tougher and
more substantial in weight due to a denser crystal structure.

This means pyrite is more suitable for jewelry, and those
shiny little stones are not true marcasite - they're pyrite.

At one time (not too long ago) pyrite was also called "Fool's Gold" because miners
during the California Gold Rush were "fooled" by the shiny crystals, thinking
they found alluvial deposits of gold in mountain streams and riverbeds.

This is probably why these little accent stones are called marcasite;
pyrite had negatives connected to the name of the mineral.

These marcasite bracelets are guaranteed to be .925 (sterling) silver!

If you like, you can send us an inquiry to confirm availability or ask
a question before you order. Please use the email address below ...

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