Labradorite Information - This gemstone is very popular - and quite striking!

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Labradorite Facts and Care

sterling silver and labradorite gemstone ring

Iridescent Labradorite is fabulous!

bracelet made with labradorite gemstone buttonsLabradorite is a translucent to transparent, iridescent gem that is very popular for jewelry. When it is moved, this stone displays a strong Schiller effect. In this way it is similar in appearance to moonstone, displaying the same type of "moving moon" effect. Actually, "rainbow" moonstone is a white to clear labradorite.

Labradorite is a form of feldspar, the most common mineral on Earth. Labradorite is a silicate mineral. It is named for Labrador, the place where it was first discovered. Labradorite is generally a silver gray colored gemstone that displays bright flashes of color which can be blue, green, yellow and orange.

Like most gemstones, there are different grades, or qualities. The lowest quality gem material is commonly cut into beads. Even lower grades of this gemstone can be stunning, and labradorite beads are usually pretty amazing. They're available in many shapes and sizes. It is easy to find large labradorite beads; 40x30mm discs are very popular.labradorite cabochon ring in silver Recently I've seen labradorite countertops for kitchen use!

Better quality rough is usually cut into cabochons. Some of these cabochons can be quite large. The finest quality labradorite is almost transparent, and is usually faceted. This grade is called Spectrolite.

A lot of people believe that labradorite has influence over many traits and personal characteristics such as self development and inner strength.

Labradorite Care Tips

Jewelry containing labradorite is easily maintained with commercially available jewelry cleaning solutions and a rouge jewelry polishing cloth. It isn't a porous stone that will be stained by exposure to everyday liquids. For really heavy dirt removal warm water, a soft brush and dishwashing detergent are recommended. It can have internal cracks that can spread if cleaned in an ultrasonic machine, so this should be avoided. Steam cleaning is also not recommended.

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