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Handmade Silver Gemstone Rings

About our Handmade Gemstone Rings

These handmade silver and gemstone rings are made individually by me, Bob Edwards. Each one gets my full attention, and I make them the old fashioned way. These designs are made by me, and in most cases the same design can be made for you in a different size ring. You may like a certain style but with a different stone type, shape or size. You can have it here! Send me an email request:


Oval Amethyst Bezel Set Silver Ring with Square Shank

square wire shank silver ring with oval gemstoneWhen I designed this ring, I wanted it to have a classic style but still ... I like to make things just a little bit different, to give them individuality. So I used nice, solid 2mm square wire stock to make the shank.

The stone is set very securely in the handmade bezel setting. This setting is made with .999 Fine silver bezel strip. I made it nice and deep to accomodate the faceted gemstone, and created a seat with silver wire to hold it, raising the 10mm x 8mm oval amethyst into the setting position. The ring has an open back setting, which allows the skin on the finger underneath to be exposed to air for more comfortable wear.

Although this is a very basic design, it has very strong attributes that work well. It really shows off the stone very nicely, while protecting it in a secure setting. The modern, clean lines of this ring will look fabulous with any style clothing from very casual jeans and a tee shirt to a polished, contemporary outfit for business.

amethyst gemstone silver ring

10mm x 8mm Oval Amethyst Ring in Handmade
Sterling Silver Square Shank Bezel Setting

sterling silver ring set with white sapphire

Double Rib Shank Sterling Silver Ring with a White Sapphire

Natural White Sapphire is an Affordable Diamond alternative!

This is a nice, affordable engagement ring. We offer wedding bands made with the same double rib style ring stock,
so you can have a matching set. This ring stock is made from recycled sterling silver, so the metal is eco-friendly.

The sapphire is a clean, clear sparkling gemstone. It is a 4mm round natural white sapphire.

We buy our gemstones from well established sources in the United States who sell Fair Trade gems.

The stone and the shank are both 4mm wide so they match very well in size. This gives the ring
a very streamlined appearance. If you like minimalist, contemporary style, you'll love this ring!

Double Rib Silver Engagement Ring with a 4mm White Sapphire

Price: $134.99

4mm Round White Sapphire Ring in Double Rib Shank Setting

Blue Sapphire and Sterling Silver Ring

Blue Sapphire and Sterling Silver Double Shank Ring

3mm Round Faceted Sky Blue Natural Sapphire in a Handmade Silver Ring Setting

This is a really pretty ring. Very simple design, with a sparkling medium - light blue sapphire.
I make this ring in fairly small sizes; the 3mm stone gets sort of lost in a bigger ring.

I can make larger size rings similar to this style with bigger stones, different gems,
various gem shapes or sizes and heavier gauge silver wire by request.

3mm Round Sky Blue Sapphire and Silver Ring

3mm Round Sky Blue Sapphire Ring in Double Shank Wire Setting

Interesting things about our Handmade Silver Rings ...
I make them in several very different ways ...

Some of the ways I make our handmade silver rings are described here

Hello! I'm Bob Edwards, and I would like to say a bit about our handmade silver rings. I personally make the handmade silver rings we offer for sale. I have been making jewelry for over 35 years, and have several ways to create our handmade silver rings. The rings are generally made by one of four methods: fabricated from raw material, meaning silver sheet, plate, wire and tube; made from fine silver Precious Metal Clay; assembled from cast components; or a combination of these techniques.

When I make a bezel set gemstone ring, a lot of the design is decided by the stone. Gemstones are usually standard or calibrated sizes; if the gems are calibrated, I can use a ready made bezel cup, and build the setting around it by adding an outer bezel, perhaps accenting the base of the bezel cup with twisted or beaded wire. This works well with cabochons, because they have flat backs.

If I am making a bezel set silver ring with a faceted gemstone, I have to make the bezel myself out of bezel wire. This wire is fine silver. I wrap it around the stone I want to set, and cut it with shears to the proper length. After filing the ends for a good clean fit, I solder the ends together with hard solder - it melts at a very high temperature - to form the bezel. A faceted stone needs support under the girdle, so I make a shelf for it to rest on with silver wire and solder that in. Then I proceed as usual to design the setting around the bezel.

I can use silver wire to make the ring shank, and many times that is my choice. I can use round, half round, strip or even square wire to make the ring shank. I also like to make ring shanks with patterned wire.

Sometimes I use cast ring shanks. They come in many styles, but a limited range of sizes. That type of ring can usually be offered in sizes 6 through 9, but smaller or larger sizes aren't an option. I have used Celtic rings and Bali silver rings as shanks to make gemstone rings, and they always look fabulous!

I have been using PMC - Precious Metal Clay - to make rings for about 10 years now. Because the material shrinks when it is fired, I use plugs made of casting investment - similar to plaster, but with a high silica content - to limit the shrinkage, enabling me to make rings in accurate full sizes. These rings can be decorated in many ways - gemstones or fine silver bezels can be embedded before firing; the clay can embellished with high karat gold, or be enameled, or the PMC can even mixed with enamel to color it!

I have made it as easy as possible for you to order a custom made silver ring. If you have a stone you would like to have set into a ring I can do that for you. I've set stones customers bought at gem shows and on television through shopping channels. I will custom make a setting to compliment that nice big freeform turquoise stone ... or petrified wood ... or picture jasper! Just send an email or call to discuss it with me. Visit our Contact Page for info!

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