14K gold wedding bands in many styles and sizes!

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14 Karat Gold Wedding Rings

14k Gold Wedding Bands in Classic Designs

Many of these rings are available in 14k yellow or white - Your choice!

These 14k gold wedding bands are made in the U.S.A. from seamless extruded tubing.

These 14k gold wedding bands are a great traditional choice for any marriage ceremony.
Please click the links below to see a complete description and options available for each style!

Most gold wedding styles are available in a full range of finger sizes (4-12) and millimeter widths.

Select styles are available in Satin/Brushed and Hammered custom finishes at your request.

All 14k gold wedding bands will arrive in a deluxe ring box.

4mm half round 14k gold wedding ringTraditional 14k Gold Half Round Wedding Rings14k gold half round wedding ring

narrow 14k gold millgrain edge wedding ring14k Gold Millgrain Edge Wedding Rings14k Gold Millgrain Edge Light Wedding Band

14k gold millgrain edge comfort fit wedding ring14k Gold Comfort Fit Wedding Rings14k gold comfort fit wedding ring

14k gold flat side wedding ringFlat Side | Beveled Edge 14k Wedding Rings14k gold flat sided, beveled edge wedding ring

The 14k gold wedding bands featured in our galleries are made by well established
jewelry makers located in the United States. These highly respected companies
specialize in making 14k gold wedding bands, and they supply the largest jewelry
retailers in the world. The quality and finish of these 14k wedding bands are superb!

The rings shown are yellow gold. Many rings are available as 14k white gold wedding bands.

To some people it is important that the wedding ring be made of gold that
has always been connected or joined. There are ways to do this by hand that
are very labor intensive. The best way to make seamless wedding rings

is to use seamless extruded gold tubing. But what is it, and how is it made?

An extruder is a machine that presses out a soft material into a desired shape.
The consistency is usually clay-like, or it can be similar to a dough mixture.
The soft material is loaded into the extruder, and then it is pressed out.
Most times the material hardens as it dries or is baked, becoming solid.

There are pasta makers that press pasta dough out through small holes to make
spaghetti. Or, if you've ever used a cookie press you've used an extruder.

This extruder is an industrial machine that heats gold to a molten state,
then it flows into a press that pushes out a gold pipe or tube with thick walls.

After the gold pipe or thick walled gold tube cools, slices are cut from it with a saw to form rings.

The raw gold rings can then be finished and decorated with a millgrain edge etc.

That's how these manufactured wedding rings are made. They can be cut for sizing, because
they're solid 14k gold. That sort of defeats the purpose of the seamless gold tubing though ...
Make them Personal with our Complimentary Engraving offer!
Flat inside gold wedding bands that are at least 4mm wide can be engraved inside.
We don't ask an extra fee for this; inside ring engraving is complimentary!
Make your wedding rings personal ... with your marriage date, your names etc!

Solid 14k gold bands can be hammer textured, satin finished or bright polished.

Most 14k gold rings can be custom sized.

For many designs, half size gold wedding rings are offered on the menus ...
If you want a custom made design, please send us an inquiry with your request!

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