Top quality gemstone rings in sterling silver featuring fabulous turquoise, dreamy moonstone, gorgeous chrysoprase, and classic coral - all in beautiful ring settings!

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Sterling Silver Gemstone Rings

These gemstone rings are available in 14k gold by request

These rings feature top quality gemstones. The rings you see here were made as examples; we can
garnet and silver waterfall ring set just about any stone that will fit into the settings in this gallery. If you would like a certain gem in a ring, or a different shape stone we can probably make something you'll really love. Gemstones come in many shapes - and we can make or customize a setting to fit just about any of them!

Many of these styles make great birthstone rings, and are a perfect traditional gift. Cared for properly, silver and gemstone rings can be worn for a lifetime or even several generations!

Don't know your size? See our Ring Size Chart here ...peridot and amethyst waterfsll design silver ring

Want a stone you don't see here? We are happy to set any gemstones you prefer into the ring of your choice. The garnet ring you see above on the left side can be set with many natural gems, synthetics or cubics. On the right is the same ring with a mixture of amethyst and peridot. This was a custom request. Please write us an email with your request and send it to the email address shown below!

sterling silver fancy shank ring with chrysoprase

gem ring 01

Sterling Silver Fancy Shank ring

10 x 8 mm oval Chrysoprase (N)

Chrysoprase is a type of agate in the chalcedony family.

It is most closely related to onyx and carnelian.

This type of agate does not have bands
and contains minute traces of water.

Chrysoprase is the most valuable form of
Chalcedony. The best quality stones -
like this one - are mined in Australia and are
prized for their extraordinary apple green color.

Ladies Chrysoprase Fancy Shank Ring

Price: $89.99

sterling silver vee shank ring with turquoise

gem ring 02

Sterling Silver Vee Shank Ring with
10 x 8mm oval Turquoise (China) (N)

This beautiful turquoise features interesting
matrix patterns. It is polished and protected

with a coating of Carnuba wax. These bright blue
stones are found in the Hubei Province in China.

sizes 5,6,7,& 8

Turquoise Vee Shank Ring

Price: $65.99

moonstone in a sterling silver triple rib ring setting

gem ring 03

Sterling Silver Triple Rib Ring with 10 x 8mm oval Moonstone (N)

Moonstone is a form of gem feldspar. The feldspar
mineral family is the most common mineral family on earth.

This pretty gemstone has fabulous optical properties,
and this is where the stone gets its name.

As the cabochon is moved a bright "moon" can
be seen moving across the face of the gem.

sizes 6,7,& 8

Sterling Silver and Moonstone Triple Rib Ring

Price: $89.99

Gorgeous Italian Oxblood Coral in a .925 filigree setting

gem ring 04

Sterling Silver and Oxblood Coral Filigree Ring (N)

This coral is harvested from old reefs off the
coast of Italy in an environmentally safe way.

This pretty ring can be made in sizes 5, 6,7 and 8
Ladies Filigree Oxblood Coral Ring

Price: $159.99

A rich blue lapis lazuli cabochon looks amazing set in this fashionable triple step design!

gem ring 05

Sterling Silver Triple Step Ring with
10 x 8mm oval Lapis Lazuli (N)

Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest gemstones used
by humans to produce jewelry, and it has

been mined in Afghanistan for thousands of years. This
top grade lapis lazuli contains no white calcite spots,

but may have some color variation because the color is
natural - not dyed. It has tiny flecks of golden colored pyrite.

We can make this ring in sizes 6,7, and 8.

Sterling Silver and Lapis Lazuli Triple Step Ring

Price: $84.99

freeform cabochon setting with gem quality sleeping beauty turquoise 

gem ring 06

Sterling Silver with 10 x 8 mm oval
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (N)

Sleeping Beauty turquoise is from just one place
on earth - the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona.

This is one of the most valuable and prized types of
turquoise, and is considered to be gemstone quality.

This robin's egg blue turquoise has very little
to no matrix - just pure blue, beautiful turquoise!

This is naturally colored turquoise - Not dyed!

sizes 7,8, 9 & 10

Freeform Gem Turquoise Oval Cab Ring

Price: $119.99

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