Emerald is a fabulous green precious gemstone!

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Emerald Information - Facts and Care

Emerald birthstone jewelry is a great May gift!

emerald cabochon set in a sterling silver Celtic ring

Emerald Facts

A member of the Beryl family, Emerald is a beautiful stone with a pure, green color.

It is a hard stone with a hardness of 7.5 - 8 on the Mohs scale.

Many commercial grade emeralds have been "oiled" - they have surface fractures that have been sealed or filled.

Colombia has produced fine emerald for many years, but exceptionally good quality material has been found in several other locations, most notably Afghanistan.

Although it is very rare to find perfect, clean stones in larger sizes, the supply of excellent smaller stones has actually risen. Most emeralds have internal flaws.

Opaque stones with good color are cut into cabochons, or "promotional" grade faceted stones in inexpensiveemerald set flower design marcasite earrings Birthstone jewelry. Emerald is a May birthstone.

The marcasite flower earrings at left are set with "good" commercial grade gems.

Modern science has made it possible to create emeralds, and synthetic emeralds are now available. The color and clarity of these stones can rival natural gems. Synthetic emeralds are of course much more affordable than natural gems.

Emerald is traditionally worn and carried by many people who think it enhances and strengthens perception and the ability to clearly understand complex problems. It is also believed to possess money attracting properties - obviously because it is green.

Emerald Care Tips

Easy to care for, jewelry containing emerald can be cleaned with a toothbrush and water. A jewelry polishing cloth can be used with great results. Your emerald jewelry will retain its original beauty for many years with minimal care.

Never use an ultrasonic or steam machine to clean emeralds. The internal fractures and flaws may spread.

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