Sterling Silver Pentagram Earrings can be very hard to find!

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Silver Pentagram and Pentacle Earrings

sterling silver pentagram stud earrings

Classic Design Earrings in Sterling Silver

In this gallery we offer sterling silver pentagram earrings and silver pentacle earrings.

Pentagrams are the very familiar five pointed star.
This important symbol is used worldwide for many reasons -
from religious uses by everyone from Pagans to Christians,
to military use on flags and uniforms, to marketing and design
graphics on packaging for products. These earrings all feature
the five pointed star; some are pentagrams and some are
pentacles, which are the star within a circle. They may feature
Celtic elements, as the pentagram is used prominently in Celtic art.

silver pentagram stud earrings

pentear 01

10mm Pentagrams

post with backs style

Just one pair available ...

Silver Pentagram Stud Earrings

Price $22.99

silver pentagram dangle earrings with Celtic spiral centers

 pentear 02

17mm wide Pentagrams

1 1/4" long with the ear wires

Celtic Spiral in center

1 pair available

Sterling Silver Pentagram with
Celtic Spiral Dangle Earrings

Price $26.99

sterling silver pentacle stud earrings


Circle is 7mm wide

Classic sterling silver pentacle design

These stud earrings have post
ear wires with clutch backs

We have just one pair in stock!

Sterling Silver Pentacle Stud Earrings

Price $23.99

silver moon with pentagram earrings


Sterling Silver Crescent Moon Design with Pentagram

These dangle earrings are 1/2" wide
and 1 1/4" top to bottom with the ear wires

We have five pair available

Sterling Silver Crescent Moon Pentagram Earrings

Price $47.99

sterling silver pentagram dangle earrings


Sterling Silver Pentagram Dangles

These pentagram earrings are 5/8" wide
and 1 1/4" top to bottom with the ear wires

We have six pair available

Sterling Silver Pentagram Dangle Earrings

Price $26.99

3D silver pentacle dangle earrings


Sterling silver pentacle dangles
These have nice depth -
solid 1mm thick 3D design

Pentacle dangles are 10mm wide
1 inch top to bottom with the ear wires

We have six pair available

Sterling Silver Pentacle Dangle Earrings

Price $29.99

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