Information about the diamonds we set into our jewelry - Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight - the Four C's

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Diamond Grades used in Our Jewelry

Understanding Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight - the Four C's

Before buying diamond jewelry, understand the basics!

The G, H & I (Color grade) diamonds used in our jewelry are considered to be near colorless.
Under normal natural or artificial light, even expert graders can't discern the difference
between our stones and diamonds that are rated higher on the GIA diamond color grading scale.

The diamonds we set in our jewelry are natural, untreated gems.

They are expertly faceted (Cut) to take full advantage of the
natural fire, dispersion and brilliance of these gemstones.

The following is a brief definition of each (Clarity) grade we use in our jewelry:

VS - Very small inclusions, not visible to the eye without 10X magnification.

SI 1 - Slightly included. The inclusions in these gems can be found with 10X magnification.
The stone will look clean when viewed from the top, even with a 10X loupe.

SI 2 - The inclusions in these stones are easily seen with a 10X loupe;
without a loupe, they are "eye - clean" when viewed from the top of the stone.

I 1 - These stones have larger inclusions that are very easy to see with a 10X loupe.  
Some inclusions may be seen without a loupe.

A Carat is a measurement of weight.

1 carat = 1/20 of a gram

1 carat = 100 points.

Remember the Four C's. They will guide you when choosing a diamond ...

Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight

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