Bali Silver Cuff Bracelets - find fabulous sterling silver cuff bracelets in our gallery - what a great holiday gift!

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Bali Silver Cuff Bracelets

This Bali silver cuff bracelet has been sold!

The Bali Silver Cuff Bracelet Gallery

These cuff bracelets are hand made in Bali by renowned silver artisans.

Cuff bracelets are worn by women and by men.

They have a classic look that never goes out of style.

Our Bali silver jewelry is .925 sterling at minimum.
In many cases, Bali silver is more pure than sterling silver.

We import our Bali silver bracelets from the source, and offer hard to find styles.

Are you shopping for gifts - even a gift for yourself?

An attractive Bali silver cuff bracelet is a gift that
will be admired - and appreciated - for many years!

Bali silver cuff bracelet - weave style
 Balicuff 01

This woven design bracelet is 18mm wide (about 3/4")

This fantastic silver cuff was handmade in Bali

It has a beautiful oxidized "antique" finish

This cuff bracelet will fit an "average" wrist

We have only one available

Oxidized Bali Silver Weave Design Cuff Bracelet

Price: $154.99

Gorgeous textured Bali silver cuff bracelet
Balicuff 02

This beautiful hammered texture cuff bracelet is 20mm wide

This classic looking cuff was handmade in Bali

This bracelet will fit an "average" wrist and can be adjusted carefully

There is just one of these hammered texture cuffs available

Wide Bali Hammered Cuff Bracelet

traditional Bali silver cuff bracelet
Balicuff 03

This classic looking cuff bracelet is 21mm wide in the middle -
and it tapers to a 10mm width at the ends. It has the classic
Bali repeating loops with twist borders design in the center.

This beautiful cuff bracelet was handmade in Bali.

It will fit an "average" wrist. Because of the concave design
this bracelet is very comfortable to put on and wear.

We have just one of these bracelets in stock!

Concave Design Bali Silver Cuff Bracelet
Price $139.99

this Bali silver cuff bracelet is beautiful!
Balicuff 04

This domed bracelet is 22mm wide in the center - or about 3/4" wide

The ends taper to 10mm wide at the opening in the back

This mirror polished cuff bracelet was handmade in Bali

It will fit an "average" size wrist and may be carefully "adjusted" to fit

We have just one one of these cuff bracelets available!

3/4 Inch Wide Bali Silver Tapered Cuff Bracelet

Price $124.99

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