Glittering, golden citrine is a very pretty gemstone!

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 Citrine Information - Gemstone Facts and Care

 contemporary design silver and citrine ring Citrine is a fabulous golden quartz gem!  designer style sterling silver and citrine ring

citrine set in 14k gold stud earrings

Citrine Facts and Care

Citrine is a golden yellow to orange colored transparent gemstone.

Citrine is a very popular stone for jewelry use due to its beauty and durability.

sterling silver four stone ringIt's a member of the quartz family and a fairly hard stone at 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Crystals can be very large. This type of quartz is often found lining the interior of geodes.

Most citrine used in commercial quality jewelry is heat treated light colored amethyst. Heating creates the golden color.

Although rare, natural citrine does occur. Citrine can combine with amethyst in the same crystal. When it does, the bi-colored gemstone is called ametrine.

Citrine is cut into faceted stones, cabochons and beads.

Citrine is one of the November birthstones.

handcrafted sterling silver and citrine ring

Citrine is believed by some to enhance memory and to promote controlled, logical and clear thinking. It is also believed to give the person wearing it confidence.

Citrine Care

Citrine jewelry made with sterling silver or gold can be dipped in a solution to remove tarnish without harming the stone. Citrine is a hard, tough stone that requires little care. Just clean and polish the jewelry it's set in. Keep it away from intense heat; this can change the color. Prolonged exposure to strong sunlight can fade it.

Citrine bead jewelry can be cleaned by washing with mild soap and water.

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