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Sterling Silver Bracelets Gallery

We make beautiful handcrafted silver bracelets!

Shop for silver bracelets of all kinds in our sterling bracelet gallery!

Bracelets are one of the oldest types of jewelry. The first bracelet was probably made by stringing
shells or other natural objects on natural fiber or sinew. Thousands of years later, we still wear bracelets,
sterling silver and dichroic glass braceletand to many of us our silver bracelet is jewelry that can be worn and
enjoyed every day. Some of us wear one silver bracelet at a time,
and others wear five or six sterling bracelets on each wrist. Whether
you're a man or woman, young or old, the chances very good that
you own at least one. Many of us would not "feel dressed" without
a silver bracelet. Your favorite may be silver chain bracelets, a silver
bead bracelet, a sterling silver cuff bracelet or a silver bangle bracelet.

As with all our silver jewelry, these quality bracelets
are guaranteed to be .925 sterling.

We have many popular types - some featuring gemstones, others with marcasite,handcrafted sterling silver Viking Knit bracelet
our classic hand crafted bead bracelets and our Celtic styles. Our Bali silver bangles, cuffs and chain bracelets are beautiful. Be sure to check out our custom set gemstone styles - you can have a tennis or line style featuring your birthstone or virtually any other stone - faceted or cabochon cut.

We offer a great selection of natural gems from onyx to diamond,
synthetics like lab created sapphires and Gilson opal, and simulated
gemstones including premium quality Signity CZ set in silver or gold.

Are you looking for a gift? A silver bracelet makes an amazing gift
for birthdays, holidays or any other occasion like an anniversary
or a graduation. Your jewelry will arrive in a gift box - ready to wrap!

Treat someone special ... or yourself ... to a great looking silver bracelet today!

silver chain bracelets - custom made silver chain bracelets in any length
Custom length chain bracelets

silver riccio bracelet - fancy Italian silver bracelet
Classic Silver Bracelet Gallery

Silver bangle bracelet from Bali
Bali silver bangles and bracelets

Bali silver cuff bracelet with woven texture
Bali silver cuff bracelets

Celtic cuff bracelet
Celtic bracelets

marcasite bracelet
Marcasite Bracelets

turquoise bracelet
Gemstone Bead Bracelets

silver bracelets

Italian Silver Bracelets

Custom engraved I.D. and Medical bracelets in styles for men and women are
available on request. Please send us an inquiry at the email address below!

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