Why buy standard length silver box chains and bracelets, when you can have one that actually fits YOU?

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The Sterling Silver Box Chains Gallery

venetian box chain

Custom Made Sterling Silver Venetian Box Chain by the Inch

Box Chain by the Inch

   Why Should I Choose A Sterling Silver Box Chain?

Many of us want to get the most value we can for our money.
Sterling silver box chains can help us do exactly that.

This might sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but consider
how versatile and well made silver box chains are.

It really isn't so much of a stretch to see the value here. Just make a
mental checklist, and think about what you need when making a purchase.

Here are some points to weigh when looking at these gorgeous chains:

The box is a very attractive style. A nice 2mm wide or larger box chain
is definitely big enough to wear on its own as a silver necklace or bracelet.

Silver box chains pair well with other styles, standing right out because ...
well, nothing else looks like a box chain. For a beautiful and strong chain that will hold
great grandmother's antique silver locket securely, a box chain is a great choice.

If a box chain is taken apart, it separates into square links.

These links closely fit into each other in an alternating direction,
just like a cable chain. But because the links are closely fit squares,
they can't move and the chain holds its square shape.

As they are added the links are soldered or fused closed, making an exceptionally strong chain.

If style and design are important factors, box chain has very good eye appeal.

It is a true unisex style, so it is very popular. This is a style that looks great
with a tee shirt or a nice dress, so it really is a versatile fashion accessory.

The strength factor definitely applies to this design, making it a really good pendant chain.

And of course, when considering value for your money a sterling silver
necklace or bracelet can't be beat. Silver jewelry can be worn for generations;
if cared for properly, jewelry becomes an heirloom passed on and on.
Sterling silver box chains are a great choice for all these reasons, and many more!

.8mm silver box chain
Picture is enlarged to show detail

This is a fine, or thin box chain. However, it really is pretty strong for its size.
If you want a silver box necklace to hold a small sized pendant, its a good choice.
.8mm Sterling Silver Venetian Box Chain

long venetian box chain
Picture is enlarged to show detail

This box has lots of appeal. The elongated shape gives it a really
nice, fashionable look that is never going to go out of style.

This is a light silver chain that isn't as strong as a standard box.
Best worn alone on a nice dark blouse or sweater.

1.1mm Sterling Silver Long Venetian Box Chains


1.2mm silver box chain
This is a good, strong chain that makes a nice necklace for small to
medium sized pendants. It also looks great as a silver box chain anklet.

1.2mm Sterling Silver Venetian Box Chain



1.5mm silver box chain for necklaces, bracelets and anklets
Picture is enlarged to show detail

This 1.5mm Venetian box is one of our most popular chains.

Big enough to wear on its own, or as a pendant chain.
It makes a nice ladies' bracelet or a substantial anklet.

1.5mm Sterling Silver Box Chains

2.2mm silver box chain makes a strong pendant chain
Picture is enlarged to show detail

This box is a great all purpose size. Impressive as a
woman's necklace, and also good as a man's pendant chain.

2.2mm wide Sterling Silver Box Chain

This 2.7mm silver box chain is great for a man
Picture is enlarged to show detail

This chain is not available. It will be replaced soon.

This is our largest size box. Men like this one a lot; its big enough
to support a decent sized pendant and looks good as a
silver box chain bracelet for men and women.

Our silver box chains are sold in any length for anklets, bracelets, chokers and more.
   This style is one of the most popular and loved chain designs ever made.

Box chain has a nice clean, sleek look that is very fashionable
and goes with just about anything you can find in your closet.

This is one of those classic designs that is a basic staple
in any jewelry wardrobe. It is a very strong but also very
attractive chain with a lot of possibilities - as bracelets,
anklets and necklaces from choker length to wrap styles.

When wearing jewelry made with this design, you can be
confident this chain will look fabulous whether you wear it with a
sweatshirt and jeans to go riding, or with a nice dress for the office.

Our silver Venetian box chains are made with end caps and
jump rings that are soldered closed. A lobster claw clasp
is included; you don't have to order a fancy clasp.

If you prefer, you may add a fancy lobster claw, a toggle clasp, or a dangle charm
for a small additional charge. See the options menu below the chains ...

Pictures are of bulk chain, not finished jewelry. Photos are enlarged to show detail.
Please refer to a ruler or tape measure to see how wide each chain actually is.

The options below will be available to you
for an additional fee when you check out.

A standard lobster clasp is included; if you don't order one of the
clasps below, your chain will arrive with a lobster clasp attached.

chain options

Are you shopping for a gift?

A silver box chain bracelet, anklet or necklace is an affordable and a
very appreciated gift that can be enjoyed, worn and loved for a lifetime!

Due to the popularity of this personal service, we may need up
to 7 business days to assemble and ship your custom sized jewelry.

Please order your silver box chain jewelry early!

We stand behind our work and the quality of our product!

If the spring in your clasp breaks or if the soldered jump rings open during normal use within
six months of the date on your printed receipt. you may ship your jewelry to us for a free repair.

We'll pay the fee to ship the repaired jewelry back to you by First Class Mail!

All lengths - standard and custom are covered by the above quality guarantee.

We cannot guarantee against tarnishing or normal wear.

Chains that are intentionally or accidentally altered,
pulled apart, broken, cut or abused are not covered.

Please be sure of your size.

The following sizes are returnable under our 15 day policy:

7", 8", 10", 16", 18"' , 20" and 30"

All other sizes are custom ordered items and are not returnable.

Please read the description carefully and refer to a ruler or a tape measure
to determine the actual measurements of the jewelry before you make a purchase.

These chains are cut from bulk spools and custom finished to your specifications.

Custom length chains - sizes not listed above -
are not returnable for a refund or exchange.

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