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Articles about Jewelry and Gemstones

Birthstones and Their Meaning

Birthstones can prompt an emotional reaction from many people. Because of that, earrings, rings and necklaces made with birthstones are some of the most popular-selling jewelry items offered today. Whether you’re a winter baby or a summer kid, it’s undeniable that birthstones are beautiful. Not only are they pretty, there is some value in them - making each and every one of these gems perfect for a gift in their own right.


The gemstone that helps us to celebrate the first month of the year is Garnet. This is a beautiful gem that is one of the first stones used to make jewelry. With a palette of color ranging from bright yellows to black, Garnet has been given as a gift for centuries. The stone is said to protect the owner from nightmares as well as bad luck, often making it a "good luck" charm carried by travelers to protect them against car accidents while they’re away from home.


Amethyst is a gorgeous, sparkling quartz family birthstone that is always purple with a range from deep plum to a pastel shade of lavender. The ancient Greeks believed that this quartz stone would protect the wearer from the god of ritual madness Bacchus. Giving Amethyst as a gift to others in order to help them be clear headed, fast thinkers became popular. As the February birthstone, amethyst is perfect for both birthdays and Valentine’s Day!


The name of the March birthstone describes perfectly the way that it looks! The blue - green shades this stone displays are invariably compared to the color of water. Aquamarine has always been a nod to - or echo of - the proverbial fountain of youth, symbolizing both healthy lifestyles as well as fidelity. Aquamarine is also said to assist in healing relationships as well as maintaining them, making them a great gift for your significant other.


Simply put, the diamond is the April birthstone. Diamonds have been adorned by people of high royalty for centuries. With worldwide mining in today’s contemporary age, the diamond is promoted as a great way for couples to celebrate the bond between them. Diamond is the hardest gemstone and is said to bring a lifetime of happiness because of its durability.


Rich, bright green Emerald is the May birthstone, and for good reason. This stunning green beryl symbolizes spring and rebirth, making it not only perfect for the time of year, but also a perfect accessory to a casual spring outfit. This beautiful gemstone is believed to have been Cleopatra’s favorite, as the Ancient Egyptian princess was known to wear several around her head. Furthermore, several ancient mummies have been found buried with the precious gem.


People born in June have two very popular birthstone choices. Throughout human history, no birthstone has been more admired than pearls. Natural pearls are very rare, and in the past these organic gemstones were among the most valuable birthstone choices. In ancient Persia mythology claimed that they were the tears of the gods, while the people of Ancient China believed they held the power of the moon.

The second June birthstone is Moonstone, an orthoclase feldspar gem. Moonstones are found in several colors. They display a bright "moon" effect just below the surface of the gem that seems to move when the position of the stone is shifted.


The July birthstone is Ruby, which is representative of love and emotion. Due to its rarity and value, the stone was exchanged as both gift and tribute between European royalty for many centuries. The dark red hue looks like the color of human blood and ruby is, to this day, the most valued gemstone. So if you were born in July, you have the misfortune of having the most expensive stone, but you also have the benefit of owning something that has been cherished throughout history. Of course there are many grades available, and beautiful heat treated red ruby gems or ruby bead jewelry are quite affordable!


The August birthstone is Peridot. Even the mineral family this gem belongs to - olivine - makes you think "green"! Peridot, like Emerald, is green, but the best color is only one distinct shade of green, a bright spring lime hue. The shade gives the stone a beautiful sparkling green translucency that makes it perfect for daytime wear - it looks great in full sunshine. Many ancient Europeans believed Peridot was a gift from Mother Nature with magical healing powers.


The birthstone for September is Sapphire, which is a stunning mix of colors. Sapphired can be clear, golden, green, violet, even black - every shade but red, which are rubies. The most popular and desired color is cornflower blue. Sapphire is referred to as the ultimate blue stone, encompassing human virtues like honesty, loyalty and trust. It’s no surprise that this stone is actually more popular as an engagement gemstone than a birthstone!


October, like many other months has alternate birthstones. The most widely recognized is opal. Opals can be very expensive, but most fall into an affordable range. Precious opals display fire, or "play of color"; common opal is usually a translucent single color. Types of common opals include white "ice cream" opal, orange "fire opal" from Mexico and Pink opal from Peru.

The alternate October birthstone is Tourmaline - an incredible gemstone. Tourmaline is found in more colors than any other gemstone, featuring brilliant shades of pink, purple, green and yellow. The full spectrum of tourmaline color runs from crystal clear to black. It is often referred to as the ‘watermelon’ gemstone because of how much the colors can make it look like the delicious melon, with a green "rind" and bright reddish - pink interior. Tourmaline is also one of the very few minerals known for featuring several colors in one gemstone.


Natural or enhanced topaz gems display gorgeous colors of yellow, honey, pink, and many more. Precious or Imperial Topaz is a bright but rich amber gold hue. The golden color is the rarest and most valued form of Topaz. But the most popular color is blue. The Ancient Egyptians are said to have attributed this stone to the sun god Ra. They held the belief that golden topaz had powers of healing and life-giving, as it was the only thing on earth as brilliant and glorious as the sun.


The traditional December birthstone is Turquoise. Turquoise is by far one of the oldest gemstones out there and its popularity was, like many gemstones, introduced by the Ancient Egyptians. Whether used in the headdress of an ancient pharaoh or the ceremonial dress of early Native American tribes, turquoise is said to grace many cultures throughout history, making it a great way to honor the past and the present.

The alternate birthstone for December is Tanzanite, a bright bluish violet gem from Tanzania. This is a very recent alternate choice to the traditional December stone.

Birthstone Jewelry is a great gift idea!

There is an old saying ... "you can never go wrong with jewelry" when buying a gift, and ... it really is true. Jewelry has a special, personal connection when given as a gift. Birthstone rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants can be worn on many occasions and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. For a lasting gift that will remind the recipient of their bond with you, birthstone jewelry is the best choice you can make!

Article ©2016 Written by Bob Edwards
Artisan Jeweler @ www.jewelry24seven.com



Why Silver Accessories are Essential

     Silver accessories are absolutely essential when it comes to contemporary fashion. There are, of course, a lot of different styles out there, but without a doubt silver accents have certainly earned their place. Some things will always be in style, and .925 sterling accessory pieces are a great  example. A silver chain, sunglasses, blue jeans, and a white t-shirt is a classic look that's made it into the fashion hall of fame. It's a truly iconic look that will always be around. That chain helps to complete the outfit; it is an essential  part of the total appearance. There are many other fashion accessories that are just as important to compliment your wardrobe in other ways  - a great pair of earrings, for example.

About Silver

     Sterling silver is an alloy of the element silver. It contains 92.5% silver, with the rest being made up of other metals - which can be any metal but is typically copper. This is actually where the number 925 comes from – it is a measure of silver’s fineness at 925 parts per thousand. This very accurate measurement lets customers know that they are getting a high quality item. Easily found historical records show sterling silver was used in trade or commerce as early as the 12th century.

      The human eye has always had a fondness for shiny things. This is why silver was originally fashioned into jewelry, and why it is still worn by so many today. Over a period of time silver gets a deep, rich patina like no other metal. To say the least, silver has made its mark in history, but as I said, that would only be saying the least.

Silver Set with Gemstones

     .925 silver accessories make a fashion statement that can be both complimentary and contrasting – something that offers a bit of the old world with some new flavor. One way to utilize silver is to shape the metal so it holds gemstones and other objects. 

     Gems, diamonds and crystals are all examples of things that people love to wear around their neck, ears, fingers and wrists, but they can't be worn alone - they need to be set in something.  Sterling silver can be made into bezel or prong settings. It can be flush or gypsy set with gems. Bezel or prong settings can be used to hold coins or even fossils like trilobites. These settings protect these set components and provide a method of easy wear. This is mainly why silver is utilized as a holder of such objects of beauty. The metal is strong and tough, which makes it great for holding gemstones. 

     The bright white color of silver compliments virtually any gemstone. For example, dark shades of amethyst or black onyx look amazing against silver, the contrast making a bold combination. The bright white color of this highly reflective precious metal is also a good choice for showing off whiter shades of Moissanite, white sapphire, CZ and even Herkimer diamonds.

Silver Metal Items as Accessories

     Many people don’t think of an item made of silver metal alone as an accessory, but instead think of it as an element or part of their accessory. For example, a .925 sterling silver chain necklace may be seen as the vehicle that brings out the accessory of a gemstone pendant, but in reality, the two are separate - the chain can be worn alone. Silver objects can be beautiful accessories. A hammer textured barrette; a heart shaped pin; or a belt buckle are all examples. The precious metal is just as important as the things that it can be used to hold.

     Silver fashioned into an accessory is incredibly eye-catching, especially when there is a lot of it in one place - for example, wide silver cuff bracelets. Rising trends show a new appreciation for metal accessories, giving silver a resurgence. These silver fashions have become quite a hot trend in the mainstream fashion world.

     The rise of the "bar necklace", which is basically a chain as thin as angel hair pasta attached to the two ends of a skinny metal bar is just one fashion statement that is a runaway hit. I've seen this style in every metal from gold to copper. The look is chic, casual and elegant all at once, giving way to endless wardrobe possibilities. Not to mention the fact that just about every A-List actress from Reese Witherspoon to Kylie Jenner has been spotted wearing one.

      If you want to be noticed, silver accessories are a great way to help you stand out in a crowd, especially in bright sunshine! This is one reason silver jewelry is so popular during the Spring and Summer months. If you’re going outside for a tasty snow cone, remember to wear a sterling silver bracelet before you wave down the ice cream man – that way he’ll see you better! Silver is not only a great complimentary accessory; it’s also amazing for making a certain part of your body pop. There’s no denying that when sunlight hits brightly polished silver the right way, it brings attention. So if you’ve got a favorite part of your body, perhaps graceful fingers or a swan-like neck, don’t forget to dress them up!

Article ©2016 Written by Bob Edwards
Artisan Jeweler @ www.jewelry24seven.com

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