Amethyst is the February birthstone, and is very popular in jewelry!

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Amethyst Information

oxidized silver and amethyst necklace

 Amethyst Care Tips

Amethyst Facts

Amethyst is a very popular stone for jewelry use due to it's beauty and durability.

It's a member of the quartz family. It is the most valuable form of quartz.

Amethyst is a violet / purple gemstone. The color can vary from pastel colored
to a deep royal purple color. It is found in many places, but important sources
of good quality gem amethyst have been from mines in Africa and Brazil.

It is a fairly hard stone at 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.
Very high temperatures will affect the color. Heating amethyst can
change the color, producing prasiolite (called green amethyst) or citrine.

Amethyst is the traditional  birthstone for February.

In the past, it was believed  to have the power to protect
the owner from the intoxicating effects of wine and
romance, and from the evil thoughts of enemies.

Amethyst jewelry made with sterling silver or gold can
be dipped in a solution to remove tarnish without harming the stone.
It requires little care other than to clean and polish the jewelry it's set in.

It can, of course, be chipped or scratched upon impact with
a harder material, so jewelry containing amethyst, as well as any
type of jewelry should not be worn when doing heavy physical work.

amethyst cluster dangle earrings

Ultrasonic or steam cleaning is usually OK for quartz gems.

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