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Gemstone Facts and Care - About Amber

Caring for your Amber Jewelry

Amber Facts and Care

  Amber is a soft, natural material that has been used for centuries as a focal point in all types of jewelry.

It is a resin material which formed from the sap - like secretions of conifer trees over 50 million years ago.

Very rare examples of this material can contain whole or partial fossil insects, some of which are very well preserved. Most amber sold today is from the Baltic region, and may consist of small pieces which are heated and pressed to form larger, more usable pieces which are then formed into cabochons for jewelry.

Great care should be taken to insure that your amber jewelry is not exposed to high temperatures. Amber will melt into a gooey mess at temps over 120F, so you should not leave it on a radiator or stove. Even direct summer sunlight can soften or melt amber.

Amber is also easily damaged by many household cleaning fluids and chemical compounds.

Amber will dissolve if dropped into most solvents.

Washing dishes while wearing an amber ring is not recommended.

Most dishwashing liquids will dull the finish, and it can be scratched by hard metal utensils and steel wool pads.

Amber pendantAmber tests at 2 - 2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Cleaning with a soft cloth and clean water are recommended.

Do NOT use a solvent based cleaner.

If your amber is set in silver or gold, you should not use a harsh chemical dip solution to remove the oxidation from the metal. A non abrasive jewelry polish and a soft cloth are OK, but you should be sure to rinse & dry it off well.

Amber is a porous material and will absorb liquids which can destroy its lustrous appearance.

Ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended! DO NOT steam clean amber!

If given proper care, your amber will remain beautiful for many years!

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