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About Us

Our names are Bob Edwards and Terry Salimbene, and we are real, regular people who love to make silver jewelry!

Bob and Terry of Jewelry24SevenWe are very creative, artistic people.

We live in New York City. We began making artisan jewelry for sale in
the early 1980's, first peddling on the street, then moving on to
local flea markets and street fairs in Manhattan.

In 1998, we found ebay, and began selling our handcrafted jewelry there.
The first thing we sold online was a pair of earrings handmade
by Terry. In 2002 I (Bob) created the first version of this website.
Our jewelry has been sold here on Jewelry24Seven since then.

The website has changed a lot, and we have learned many new
jewelry making techniques and skills since that time.

One thing that has never changed is our commitment to making
high quality handmade silver jewelry.

We use recycled metals whenever possible, and many of our jewelry making components are bought from
an American refiner and manufacturer that runs their production facility on solar energy.

Our gemstones are top grade stones from suppliers in the United States that deal only in fair trade gems.

Terry began making her own jewelry early, at about 12. Her family was very creative; she learned to crochet
from her grandmother before she was ten, and Terry still loves to crochet - creating baby blankets, hats etc.

We are musically inclined as well. We can both read music and play several instruments.

I began making copper jewelry when I was 14, in my school's metal shop. The first piece I made was a tie pin
for my father. I moved on to making rings, hair clips and cuff bracelets quickly. At 14, I made my first enameled
piece, a copper keychain tag with bright "tie dyed" style colors (it was 1970). It holds Terry's keys today!

While selling in a flea market - actually, an indoor "mini mall" with "permanent" spaces - I became very friendly
with a jeweler who owned the market. He also owned two jewelry stores.

He invited me to "train" in the workshop behind one of his retail showrooms, and taught me a very valuable
lesson - making jewelry from any metal is a similar process no matter what the metal is. I soon overcame the
"fear" of working with expensive metals - silver and gold. My favorite jewelry metal is silver.

We love dealing directly with people; most of our sales are direct retail. We also make limited production pieces for
select retailers. Our handcrafted silver jewelry has been featured in the Art Institute of Chicago Holiday gift catalog for the last 3 years!


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